Propuesta de Inglés Medio IV – Alicia Guastoni

Propuesta de talleres

Taller de Inglés Medio IV con Alicia Guastoni

En este año, revisamos lo aprendido y nos adentramos en nuevas áreas cognitivas, como un desafío intelectual, desarrollando estrategias lingüísticas y socioculturales en la Lengua Extranjera dentro de ese marco de interacción social y actitud positiva que nos propone Proyecto3.

  • Regular review – New language knowledge and ability – Interest and confidence – A sense of progress

     Verbal tenses. Revision. Present and Past Simple – Word order in questions
      Present Continuous – Present Simple and Present Continuous – Clothes –
      Describing people: appearance and personality.
      Past Continuous – Holidays –
      Future Plans – be going to – Airports
     Present Continuous for Future – Transport and travel – Defining relative clauses
     Present Perfect + yet, just, already – Present perfect or Past simple? Fashion and   shopping
     Comparative adjectives and adverbs. Superlatives (+ ever + present perfect)
     Quantifiers, too, not enough – Describing a town or city.      Will / won’t (predictions)  Will/won’t (decisions, offers, promises)
Verb to be. This is… affirmative, negatives, questions and short answers– am/is/are –
Possessive Adjectives – Possessive’s – has/have – The family – Jobs –
Present Simple – Questions and negatives – Short answers – all persons and forms –Sports, food and drinks – Adverbs of frequency: usually, always, never.
Object pronouns – This/that – opposite adjectives: old/young…
Questions and answers: what, how, who, where, why, how much, how many.
There is /are – some /any – Prepositions of place – Rooms and furniture in a house.
Past Simple – regular and irregular Sports and leisure – Going sightseeing
Can/can’t – adverbs – adjective + noun – Everyday problems I’d like – some/any – In a restaurant
Colours and clothes – Present Continuous – Present Continuous and Present Simple
Future plans – be going to future – Present Continuous for future –
Prof. Alicia Guastoni

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