Propuesta de Inglés conversación de Ines Puccio

Inglés conversación con Inés Puccio. Lunes 10 a 11,30 hs – Jueves 830 a 10 hs y 10,15 a 11,45 hs

Taller Ingles conversación con Inés Puccio 

lunes 10.00 – 11.30  (Pre Intermediate)

jueves 8.30 – 10.00  (Pre Intermediate)

jueves 10,15 – 11.45 (Pre Intermediate)




GRAMMAR                                                                        VOCABULARY AND SPEAKING

*Revision of verbal tenses                                                 +Adverts and their influence

*Phrasal verbs                                                                       +Decisions and plans for the future

* Definite and Indefinite articles                                     +Imaginary situations

*Will and going to: Decisions and plans                       +Report what sb said

*Revision of first conditional                                            +Similarities and differences

*Second Conditional                                                          +Money. How much do you want to pay?

*Reported Speech. Basic tenses                                    +The price of success

*Both, either, neither                                                          +The one million baseball

*Word order in questions                                                   +Common verb phrases, spelling and numbers

*Time sequencers and connectors                                 +Describing people: appearance and personality

*Going to for plans and predictions                               +Clothes, prepositions of place

*Present Continuous (future arrangements)                +Holidays. The story behind the photo

+One dark October evening…


BIBLIOGRAPHY: New Total English Pre-Intermediate. Book and Workbook.  New English File

Pre-Intermediate A. Third Edition.

Material adicional: Short stories para abordar y disfrutar. Temas de interés que surjan a lo largo del año.


Prof. Inés Puccio


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